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Mourn the Victims.

Stand for Peace.

Islam is Not the Enemy.

War is Not the Answer.





E-Mail sending to several thousand international  peace-organisations, aid-organisations, environmental groups und international recognized persons after the attacks of September, 11th 2001.

Wolfgang Rehfus, 18.9.2001


2001 ...


«As we act, let us not become the evil that we deplore.»
"When Congress voted to authorize the Bush Administration to use military force in response to the September 11 terror attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, Representative Barbara Lee stood alone in opposition to what she saw as a “rush to judgment.” Interview with Representative Barbara Lee,, 20.9.2001


«First, our nation is in grieving, we're all mourning, we're angry; there are a range of emotions taking place ... Let's pause for a moment and let's look at using some restraint before we rush to action. Because military action can lead to an escalation and spiral out of control ... As we act, let us not become the evil that we deplore.»
Barbara Lee (*1946), is a member of the Democratic Party and was the only member of Congress to vote against the authorization to use military force following the September 11, 2001 attacks., SIPER Swiss Institut for Peace and Energy Reasaerch, ZDF Info, 12.07.2012.




Due to its importance: Please read this - send it to all you know - send it to CNN as described below! The original poster with these essential words is circulated by thousands in New York. The poster was on TV by various TV stations and was mentioned by the L.A.Times (possibly the largest news paper in Los Angeles). The poster says:



Mourn the Victims.

Stand for Peace.

Islam is Not the Enemy.

War is Not the Answer.



Quote from the L.A.Times * (15.9.2001):
«In a counterpoint to the openly expressed desire by most rescue workers for a decisive military response, several thousand people gathered for an antiwar vigil at a makeshift memorial at Union Square in Manhattan on Friday night. Organizers distributed fliers with a pacifist message:

"Mourn the Victims. Stand for Peace. Islam is Not the Enemy. War is Not the Answer."

People lighted candles and wrote messages in chalk on the stone plaza. "Hate doesn't win," one read.

The vigil was held next to a wall decorated with photos of missing people and messages of condolence. The crowd, which grew through the night and spilled over the boundaries of the square, sang "We Shall Overcome," "Amazing Grace" and "The Star-Spangled Banner." Several people raised a banner that read, "NYC Wants Justice, Not Revenge."

Please read this carefully! While some speak in support for military response, THOUSANDS say "Stand for Peace"! And MILLIONS around the world say as well "Stand for Peace"!

Hate can not be solved by hate, terror can not be stopped by terror! The middle east and Pakistan is a very instable region already. Please be aware that Pakistan and India have nuclear weapons, too. Current politics already increased tensions and further destabalized the region. Any military action would continue the escalation of terror, which already went on for years. Revenge and military strikes are a sign of weakness and powerlessness. There is no war in the name of God nor in the name of any religion. There is no war in the name of justice and none in the name of peace. The horrible catastrophe of unknown terrorists in New York is enough. Diplomacy must act now to restore freedom, tolerance, fair trade, justice and peace for all people and all countries around the world!

You can think about the questions of life, pray, meditate and send good thoughts into the world - depending on your believes. Please email this complete text to all you know. Please send a copy of each email to CNN, to ensure the public can hear that the world wants PEACE - Not war! Diplomacy must act - Not Military! Your vote is essential. The initial emails had been send to about 200 persons and to CNN and TV stations in Switzerland and Germany. Please help that millions of emails are created and heard in the public. Please be strong and courageous - "Stand for PEACE" - now!

You can see the quoted article on ''. Please keep your Internet connection time at the absolute minimum - Capacities are limited and the emails must flow!


1. Create a new email and copy all the text of this email into the new email. By doing that, you avoid that all the email addresses and technical data are included and make the email messy. Create a new email.

2. Put your name (or your initials) and country in the list below. If the list gets too long (over 1000 names) start a new list.

3. Copy each email to CNN and your local TV stations. You can copy the following email address in the 'Cc:' field of your new email:

4. You can copy the email as well to your TV stations and news papers. In Switzerland and Germany you can use these email addresses:;;

5. Send the email to all email-addresses you know.

6. In addition you can sign a petition to President Bush to avoid war. See this internet page which is hosted by the University of Chicago:

>>> If you are a TV station, send the above words for one minute (or 10 seconds) of silence before each coming news.
>>> If you are a MAGAZINE or NEWS PAPER put these words on the cover page each coming day.
>>> If you have an Internet homepage, put the above words on the front page.


1. <name>, <country>
2. ...

... 2017


Friedenskundgebung in Baden-Baden, Rede von Franz Alt, 22.1.2017, Auszüge:

Nie wieder Krieg – Für eine Welt ohne Atomwaffen.

Wir brauchen Brücken und keine Mauern. Donald Trump hat sich vorgestern immer wieder auf Gott berufen. Papst Franziskus hat ihm die richtige Antwort gegeben: „Wer Mauern baut und Fremde abweist, darf sich nicht als Christ bezeichnen“.

Die Welt braucht mehr Gerechtigkeit - und keinen Neo-Nationalismus.

Europa, das sind ... unglaubliche 71 Jahre Frieden. Welch ein Geschenk. ... Das dürfen wir doch nicht aufs Spiel setzen. Das vereinte Europa – eine fantastische Geschichte – beinahe eine biblische Geschichte. Dafür tragen wir Heutigen Verantwortung. Die EU hat bewiesen: Frieden ist möglich.


Europa ist die Lösung, nicht das Problem, Dr. Franz Alt, 18.01.2017


Gorbachev: “No more war – For a nuclear-free world“, Dr. Franz Alt, 3.2.2017


«Kommt endlich zur Vernunft - Nie wieder Krieg!: Ein Appell von Michail Gorbatschow an die Welt», Dr. Franz Alt, 21.01.2017
(this article from
15.9.2001 is no longer available on the L.A.Times web page, please contact directly the L.A.Times or compare with The Sept. 12, 2011, edition)


«We must stop killing each other based on a story that we have not even understood.», Dr. Daniele Ganser,  Lecture at the University of Basel in co-operation with the Indiana University (USA), 1.9.2011

cf. SIPER - Swiss Institute for Peace and Energy Research, Dr. Daniele Ganser

see also the article Die Lüge als Instrument der politischen Manipulation , Dr. Daniele Ganser, Historisches Seminar Universität Basel, Erscheinungsdatum 18.1.2007, Publiziert in VoltaireNET, 11 Seiten

ASPO - Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas

and the project Peak Oil: Der Kampf ums Erdöl und die Versorgungssicherheit der Schweiz 1859-2009, Dr. Daniele Ganser, Historisches Seminar Universität Basel


Please forward these information to other interested persons. Thank you!

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