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Nuclear energy referendum in Switzerland - Nuclear energy policy in Japan

«Without nuclear power no nuclear bomb. ... In the sarcophagus of Fukushima still slumbers a radioactivity of about 10'000 Hiroshima bombs.» Thus Fukushima also slumbers in Switzerland.

Quiz question:  «How much radioactivity is being produced daily in an average nuclear power plant?»

7.11.2016 - 27.4.2019 -  Fukushima also slumbers in Switzerland... Nuclear energy referendum in Switzerland... Nuclear energy policy and international press commentary...

Annex 1: Reply from Dr. Irene Aegerter (präsident of
Annex 2: Atomausstieg dient „Schutz des Lebens und der Gesundheit“ (Bundesverfassungsgericht)...
Annex 3: Switzerland votes for «Energy Strategy 2050» with Nuclear Phase-Out and Renewable Energy (German)...
Annex 4: Congratulation Switzerland - Quiz for free «OPAL addresses- and dossier management» (version 7.1)... Read ...


UN-Resolution «Climate Change by Radioactivity» (7.8.2009 - 27.3.2019)

incl. Survey shows: Swiss nuclear power plants don't know what they are doing! (1.9.20011)


Obama and Nobel Prize Laureates seek Nuclear-Ban  (20.1.2009)


Switzerland elects new parliament and natural power  (7.9.2007)


Swiss government seeks more activity - more radioactivity!  (1.3.2007, German)


Trustworthy peace policies request renunciation of nuclear energy !  (24.5.2005 ... 11.8.2005, German)


Medical Memorandum to the Industrial Utilization of Nuclear Energy  (3.5.2003, German)


BfE:  Nuclear enrgy harms the Swiss economy (29.4.2003, German)



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