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Sunrise in Australia

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Wolfgang Rehfus


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Change of government




Kevin Rudd 1)




Wind power

Solar power

It's high time for large investments in energy efficiency and into the build-up of the renewable energies.


Congratulation to Australia!  The change of government to Kevin Rudd will ring in the solar age in Australia.

The new Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd, announced directly after his election that his government will «address with "great urgency" the pressing challenges of climate change and water». 1)

The new Australian government wants to increase the use of renewable energies strongly in order to create a mass-market and to bring down the cost of solar energy, wind energy and other renewable energy technologies. Also planned is a billion-budget for research and development of 'Clean Coal ' and renewable energies. 1)

Just a few months ago in May 2007 John Howard, the Australian Prime Minister at that time, said: «There are only two ways to produce energy in our country: We can burn our fossil fuels or build nuclear power plants.» John Howard ignored thereby - just like the Iranian president Mahmud Ahmadinedschad - the gigantic energy potential of large solar power stations (solar chimney power plants, parabolic reflector power plants, photovoltaic solar power plants, etc.) and of wind farms.  He also ignored, how much space, sun and wind exist in Australia as natural and free resources. 2)  John Howard was voted out.  The rumours about possible nuclear power plants in Australia became obsolete by the triumphal election victory of Kevin Rudd.

Since each nuclear reactor contains the radioactivity of approximately 2'000 nuclear bombs the size of Hiroshima, this dedicated «No to nuclear energy» is a globally responsible and an economically sustainable decision. 3)

A rapid and solid build-up of renewable energies in Australia will also give an important international signal to countries such as India, Pakistan and Iran. This is a chance for peace, economy, security, independence and ecology in these globally important regions. 4)

1) see Historic landslide victory, «Kevin Rudd immediately declared his government would address with "great urgency" the pressing challenges of climate change...», The Age, 25.11.2007

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vgl. Australia refuses uranium for India, Sydney (dpa) 2008, 19.01.2008

see also Australia: Renewable Energy Target 20% by 2020, Clean Energy Council, 25.08.2009

2) see Swiss solar world record in New York – and in Switzerland?
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see 354 MW parabolic reflector power plant in California,

see Innovation award 2007 for new generation of mass-producable solar thermal power plants, NOVATEC BioSol, 30.04.2007

see also Solar thermal power plants (overview), Solarenergie-Förderverein Deutschland e.V. (SFV);  Jordan Solar Water / POSEIDON, kernenergien - the solar power company; Planned solar chimney power plant for Australia,, and Solar chimney power plants,

3) see »A reactor in one day produces as much radioactivity as a 50-kt nuclear explosion.«, Prof. Dr. Richard L. Garwin (nuclear physicist), «Can the World Do Without Nuclear Power? Can the World Live With Nuclear Power?», Nuclear Control Institute, 9.4.2001
(see copy page 5

Note: this corresponds to annually 1460 Hiroshima Atombomben à 12.5 kt (Copy ), International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW, 1985 Nobel Peace Prize)

4) see Iranian nuclear virus more dangerously than bird flu - however cureable
(German),, 7.4.2006; and Causal solution for the iranian nuclear conflict - or war for oil? in the article Trustworthy peace policies request renunciation of nuclear energy! (German),, 24.5.2005

see Arab countries are well suited for renewable energies
(German), Bundesumweltministerium, 13.06.2006




Change your power ...

Change your power to renewable energies ...

Order natural power ...

With your order of natural power you support that a future-qualified energy supply is rapidly developed...

Natural Power is electricity produced by 100% renewable energies (Solar, Wind, Water, Biomass, Geothermal).

Order still today from your electricity supplier a natural power product, which contains also a portion of solar electricity, or change your supplier.


All households using natural power provide a significant contribution to build up a future-qualified energy supply and by this means support peace, economy, security, neutrality and ecology

Suppliers of natural power (examples):

Ökostromland Schweiz (all suppliers), an initiative by AEE.

EKZ (Kanton Zürich): Naturstrom azur

EWZ (Stadt Zürich): ewz.ökopower

ADEV Energiegenossenschaft


LichtBlick GmbH

Naturstrom AG

EWS Schönau GmbH

Greenpeace energy eG


Alpen Adria Energie AG

oekostrom AG


New Zealand:

Meridian Energy Limited

TrustPower Limited

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P.S. About 2500 persons, politicians and decision makers world-wide receive the SolarPeace-Information. All emails and letters are created with so-called 'Natural Power', clean electricity generated with 100% renewable energies (sun, water, wind, biomass or geothermal). Increasing demand creates investments and the necessary supply. Each order for 'Natural Power' supports the build-up of a future-oriented energy supply and is an effective contribution to climate protection.

Please pass these information over to other interested persons.

Cordial thanks!

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Sunrise in Australia

Switzerland elects new parliament and natural power

Swiss government seeks more activity - more radioactivity!

Iranian nuclear virus more dangerously than bird flu - however cureable...  Causal solution for the iranian nuclear conflict - or war for oil? (German)

Showcase: "U.S. Mission Solar Energy Project" (German)


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