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Natural Power Lifestyle and Necessity

Natural Power is clean electricity produced by 100% renewable energies (Solar, Wind, Water, Biomass, Geothermal).

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Wolfgang Rehfus


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 ●  Quality of life:  "Natural Power is the superior electricity"

 ●  The necessity (physics, medicine, economics)

 ●  The basis for lifestyle, sustainability and future mobility

 ●  Annex:  Heat pumps with and without – a slight difference...

 ●  PS ...




«Natural Power is the superior source of electricity» 1)

Quality of life:  "Natural Power is the superior electricity"

Lifestyle in the lovely community of Herrliberg on the lake of Zürich: Per the citizens’ request, the local city council decided that all households will be supplied with certified natural power (clean electricity). The so-called “Swiss Strommix” (the usual power mix containing nuclear power) is no longer being offered.

«We in Herrliberg didn’t plan to be environmental pioneers nor did we have any missionary intent», says local city council member Felix Besser. He explains:

«We found out that the conversion is realizable without significant additional costs and that natural power is the superior source of electricity.» 1)

Natural power is odorless and tasteless. One does not hear it and there is no need for plant modifications. Natural power is accessed from the same outlets, as was the nuclear power – but does not produce radioactivity. In the canton Zürich the usual power mix contains 79 % nuclear power and produces large quantities of radioactivity. 2)

1) see Natural power for all households, village Herrliberg at the lake of Zürich, 2008 and Ritch village wants only natural power. Zeitpunkt, 6.5.2008 as well as In Herrliberg only natural power is available any more,, 9.5.2008

see Region moves to green energy (Meilen and Männedorf uses from 2013 ony natural power), Zürichsee-Zeitung, 20.9.2012 and Stäfa turns away from nuclear power, Züricher Unterländer, 9.1.2014 as well as Erlenbacher get only natural power from 2012 , "People who live in Erlenbach cannot use nuclear power any more ... additional cost of 5 CHF per month and family are acceptable ... This is in the competence of the village council, the Elcom decided.", Zürichsee-Zeitung, 27.9.2011

see «Many companies change their electricity supply to natural power... Zürcher Kantonalbank, Swiss Re, SIX Swiss Exchange AG, Citibank Switzerland, Schweizerische Post,..», energy expert Armin Braunwalder in 'Energie & Umwelt 4/2008', Schweizerische Energiestiftung (SES)

see Atomkraft - Ein strahlendes Comeback, Beobachter Ausgabe 17/2008


2) see EKZ power mix (79% nuclear power), Elektrizitätswerke des Kantons Zürich EKZ, 2007

vgl. 15% aller Schweizer Haushalte beziehen Naturstrom. Der Verkauf hat 2007 um 63 % zugenommen., Agentur für erneuerbare Energien und Energieeffizienz, 14.8.2008 (Kopie )

cf. Internal Radioactive Emitters – Invisible, Tasteless, and Odorless, Dr Helen Caldicott, 14.7.2011




Prof. Dr. Richard L. Garwin (nuclear physicist) 3)









The necessity (physics, medicine, economics)

«Since a reactor in one day produces as much radioactivity as a 50-kt nuclear explosion, and fuel in a reactor has typically been there for an average of two years, a typical nuclear reactor has in its core the long-lived radioisotopes from 30 megatons of fission.» 3)

In order to be able to understand this statement of the nuclear physicist, the following comparison should be helpful: The Hiroshima nuclear bomb produced the equivalent of a 12,5 kt nuclear explosion (kt = kilotons). 4)

Thus one nuclear reactor produces an annual quantity of radioactivity of roughly 1460 Hiroshima nuclear bombs. A typical nuclear power plant contains the radioactivity of approximately 2920 Hiroshima nuclear bombs.

Thus the 5 Swiss nuclear power plants contain radioactivity approximately the size of 10'000 Hiroshima nuclear bombs! 5)

The nuclear physicist Professor Dr. C. F. von Weizsäcker said:  «The quantity of radioactivity, which is present in a reactor, is larger than the quantity of radioactivity spread by a nuclear bomb - significantly larger.» 6)  The US nuclear physicist Richard L Garwin summarizes briefly and concisely:  «Reactor accidents... too horrible to think about.» 3)

«What do you prefer: To save energy and to use solar power, resulting in fewer cancer patients as well as genetic disorders, or to use nuclear power?»  (Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. Karl Bechert, nuclear physicist) 6)

Most problems of nuclear energy are a consequence of the artificially produced radioactivity.  The «Medical memorandum for the industrial use of nuclear energy» of Dr. med. Max Otto Bruker explains the scientific difference of the artificially produced and of the naturally occurring radioactivity and gives an overview of the effects of nuclear power plants during normal operation. 6)

Nuclear energy is the cause of a «Climate change of a special kind» and the resulting radioactivity destroys live and quality of life for eternity. The Federal Office for civil defense estimates damages to cost over 4200 billion Swiss Francs in case of a large nuclear power plant accident. 7)  As with such a risk the probability of entrance is completely irrelevant, this risk is not insured world-wide by any insurance. Otherwise nuclear power would cost approximately 3.- to 5.- Swiss Francs per kWh.8)

Recent studies by insurance companies from 2011 calculate the cost of nuclear power with  $3.40/kWh.8)

3) see Prof. Dr. Richard L. Garwin (nuclear physicist), «Can the World Do Without Nuclear Power? Can the World Live With Nuclear Power?», Nuclear Control Institute, 9.4.2001 (see copy page 5 )


4) see Hiroshima nuclear bomb à 12.5 kt (Copy ), International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW, 1985 Nobel Peace Prize)


5) see Swiss government seeks more activity - more radioactivity!, The «new energy policy» of the Swiss government,, 1.3.2007

see Horrorzahlen der Internationalen Energieagentur sind völlig absurd, Bundestagsabgeordneter Hans-Josef Fell, 9.6.2008

see Retten Atomkraftwerke das Weltklima?, Dr. Franz Alt, 15.6.2008

see also Massenhaftes Delfinsterben durch Quecksilbervergiftung, "Wir reden von der anstehenden Gefährlichkeit des Klimawandels, sehen aber nicht die Gefahren, die längst auf unseren Tischen landet.", Wal- und Delfinschutz-Forum (WDSF), 15.6.2008


6) cf. "Ärztliches Memorandum zur industriellen Nutzung der Atomenergie", Dr. med. Max Otto Bruker u.a.

see also Atomkraftwerke und Jod-Tabletten: "Risiken und Nebenwirkungen ...",, 12.11.2004


7) cf. Inefffizienz, Marktverzerrung und 4'300 Milliarden Franken Risikokosten durch Atomenergie. in der Studie "Verbesserte Deckung des Nuklearrisikos - zu welchen Bedingungen?", Bundesamt für Energie (Dezember 2000)


8) "Die AKW Begeisterung steckt tief im Kühlturm" (Atomstrom 3 CHF/kWh) , 3.3.2000, CASH; und die dort zitierte Studie "Privatisierung der KKW-Haftung in der BRD", Gutachten der Regierung Kohl (CDU/CSU/FDP), Sept. 1992

cf. "Atomstrom würde 5 CHF/kWh kosten ...", Atompläne: Unverantwortlich und kurzsichtig, Greenpeace, 24.5.2005 (Kopie )

cf. Study: 2,70 Euro/kWh nuclear power,, 14.09.2009

cf. Nuclear Expensive ($3.40/kWh) and Uninsurable, 2011




Change your power ...!
Change your electricity to renewable energies ...


«Energy efficiency in mobility: electric fuel from roofs» 10)

Solar house "Erni"

Twingo Quickshift Elettrica


Tesla Roadster 10)

Vectrix Maxi-Scooter 10)

Solarauto Phylla

The basis for lifestyle, sustainability and future mobility

Today natural power (clean electricity) fits with the environmentally aware generation of today, prepared to replace outdated technologies with future-oriented, long-term sustainable solutions. Natural power is produced with 100% renewable energies (sun, water, wind, biomass, geothermal). Natural power is economical, pollution free and CO2-neutral. If converted to solar, the suitable surface area of Switzerland’s rooftops could generate 30%- 50% of today’s power consumption. 9)

The purchase of natural power is the basis for today’s lifestyle and credible sustainability.  Natural power is also the basis for our future mobility.  The study «Vision for a Swiss energy supply with future: Resources and technologies» (CATSE, 2007) explains why electric cars are the best solution:

«The electric motor is compact, emission-free, unmatched in efficiency and supplies a constant high torque. Compared with hydrogen electricity is clearly the more efficient energy source. Batteries are more efficient than gas cells. The electric car powered by solar energy is 300 times more surface-efficient than a car powered by bio fuel. The surface of two parking spaces, covered with photovoltaic cells, is sufficient, for supplying an electric car with 15'000 km of energy annually. In order to supply a gas powered car with biomass fuel, the surface of a football field is needed for 15'000 km annually.» 10)

The energy supplier "Kraftwerke Oberhasli AG" already took their first two electric cars «Think City», produced by the Norwegian company «Th!nk», in operation. This state of the art electric car for 2 or 4 persons and a driving range of 180 km offers all aspects of a modern car: security, space, fun driving and much more. The «Think City» is scheduled to be available for sale in Switzerland already this year in small quantities. 10, 11)

From your electricity supplier you can order a natural power product, which contains apart from Swiss water power also a portion of solar electricity (e.g. the do-v-certified «EKZ natural power Azur»). This simple decision triggers directly the necessary investments and extends thereby today's natural power offer. 12)

«All households using natural power provide a significant contribution to build up a future-qualified energy supply and by this means support peace, economy, security, independence and ecology 12)

9) cf. Solarenergie: Ressource statt Finanzprodukt, PVA/Pressetext, 29.6.2012

cf. Today: Germany produces 21 GW solar power - That is world record and the double of Germany's nuclear power plants, SMA, 25.5.2012; and New solar records,, 23.5.2012

cf "...realisierbares Potential von 30 bis 50%.", HAUS TECH Nr. 11, 2004, Handelszeitung Fachverlag

cf "Gemäss einer EU-Studie könnte 2010 mehr als ein Viertel des schweizerischen Stromverbrauchs auf Dächern produziert werden - mit Photovoltaik-Anlagen, die Sonnenlicht direkt in Strom umwandeln.", Greenpeace, 18.06.1997

see also Hat "Fahrenheit 9/11" Konsequenzen für die Schweiz?, offener Brief an den Bundesrat,, 30.8.2004

cf. Project Desertec to invest 400 Billion Euro to produce 15% of European electricity, Sonnenstrom aus Afrika, Süddeutsche Zeitung, 16.06.2009; Europäische Firmen planen gigantische Stromversorgung aus der Wüste, Tagesanzeiger, 16.06.2009

vgl. auch «Jahrzehnt der Photovoltaik», Solarmedia, 24.3.2012


10) see study «Vision einer Schweizer Energieversorgung mit Zukunft: Ressourcen und Technologien» , PDF 2.4 MB, Centre of Appropriate Technology and Social Ecology CATSE (Ökozentrum Langenbruck), March 2008

see Solarhäuser & Fahrzeuge,

see, Schweizerischer Verband für elektrische und effiziente Strassenfahrzeuge

see Renaissance des Elektroautos, International Advanced Mobility Forum IAMF, Genf, 17.3.2008


11) see Die zwei ersten norwegischen Think City sind bei der KWO eingetroffen!, Kraftwerke Oberhasli AG, 2.4.2008; KWO und Th!nk am Climateforum in Thun, 27.3.2008


12) see Suppliers of Natural Power,

e.g.: EKZ (Kanton Zürich): Naturstrom Azur





Change your power ...!
Change your electricity to renewable energies ...





Solarhaus Erni

Heat pumps with and without – a slight difference...

In Switzerland increasing numbers of heat pumps are installed. Homeowners and landowners want to become independent of the fossil sources of energy oil and gas, they want to avoid the production of CO2 (climate change) and they want to use renewable energies.

When in operation, heat pumps require high levels of electricity. Since the usual Swiss power mix contains large quantities of nuclear energy, heat pumps – just like all other electrical devices – cause the production of radioactivity in the nuclear power plants. 13)

Therefore, all heat pumps operated with nuclear energy replace only the CO2 of the oil/gas heating with the radioactivity of the nuclear power plant.

One nuclear power plant produces a daily amount of radioactivity equaling the radioactivity released by four Hiroshima nuclear bombs – an inconceivable quantity of radioactivity. The five Swiss nuclear power plants contain radioactivity equal in magnitude to approximately 10'000 Hiroshima nuclear bombs (which corresponds with the output of two years worth of production). 13)

This artificially produced radioactivity exists for all eternity and cannot be destroyed. Hence, for quite some time a «Special Kind of Climate Change» has been developing. 13)

All heat pumps which are operated with 100% natural power, use renewable energies. Switzerland can only cover approx. 60% of demand for electricity from water power. Therefore, natural power products used should include not only energy from water, but also the new renewable energies (i.e., solar power, wind power, etc.).

Operated with
natural power heat pumps can be described as future-oriented and climate friendly. This also holds true for all other electrical devices, including the most energy efficient refrigerators.

This press release was produced with «EKZ Natural Power Azur», a renewable mix of energy which contains electricity generated from water power, biomass and solar energy.

The rising demand for
natural power triggers directly the necessary investments in the build-up of renewable energy supply. With every order for natural power the build-up of the renewable energy sources is supported, and contributes to the vital climate protection for the future. 14)

«All households using natural power provide a significant contribution to build up a future-qualified energy supply and by this means support peace, economy, security, independence and ecology 15)

13) see The necessity (physics, medicine, economics) in «Natural Power – Lifestyle and Necessity»,, 2.5.2008

see EKZ Strommix (79% Atomstrom), Elektrizitätswerke des Kantons Zürich EKZ, 2007




14) vgl. Natural Power - The basis for lifestyle, sustainability and future mobility in «Natural Power – Lifestyle and Necessity»,, 2.5.2008

see 15 % of all Swiss households use Natural Power. The sale has increased by 63 % in 2007., Swiss Agency for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, 14.8.2008 (Copy )




15) see Suppliers of Natural Power,

z.B.: EKZ (Kanton Zürich): Naturstrom Azur

see "Renewable Energy instead of Nuclear Energy", Dr. Franz Alt, 2007

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P.S. About 2500 persons, politicians and decision makers world-wide receive the SolarPeace-Information. All emails and letters are created with so-called 'Natural Power', clean electricity generated with 100% renewable energies (sun, water, wind, biomass or geothermal). Increasing demand creates investments and the necessary supply. Each order for 'Natural Power' supports the build-up of a future-oriented energy supply and is an effective contribution to climate protection.

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